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The MeMBrane project is dedicated to communication and dissemination of the research.
Watch this space for upcoming events to learn about our work and give your feedback to the team!

Event: MeMBrane Photo Competition

Our photo competition 'Biotechnology in Action' launches in British Science Week. Send your photo to before 1st Sept 2019 and follow us on Twitter @CoBioMeMBrane to see the results.

MeMBrane Photo Competition 2019

News: Spring 2019 Newsletter

Please take a look at our first newsletter here!

News: MemTrain

Dr Alan Goddard, Prof. Roslyn Bill, Prof. Corinne Spickett, Prof. Andy Pitt and Dr Alice Rothnie, along with Prof. David Poyner and Prof. Brian Tighe from Aston University have been awarded a H2020 MSCA COFUND award to train 12 PhD students in intersectoral projects highlighting the importance of biological membranes. If you are interested in applying, please contact Alan at

News: Valencia MeMBrane Meeting

The MeMBrane consortium gathered in Valencia on 29th January not just for wonderful tapas and paella but for a fantastic scientific discussion. We saw synergies building between different areas of the consortium and made plans for how to use our first exciting results. We also discussed our dissemination plans and look forward to these events over the coming months. Thanks to IATA for their fabulous hospitality!

News: MeMBrane dissemination material

Click here to see our MeMBrane project pamphlet.


Dr Alan Goddard and Dr Alice Rothnie at Aston University have been awarded a two-year Knowledge Transfer Partnership from Innovate UK in association with Meritics Ltd.  This project will focus on the analysis of biological nanoparticles and the improved processes will directly benefit the analysis being performed in MeMBrane.

News: Microstrike fact files

Want to learn more about the Microstrike characters? Download the fact files here.

Contact us for a free Microstrike board game for your school.

News: YorNight

Researchers from York gathered at Kings Manor on 17th Nov 2018 to tell the public about their research. The event was aimed at getting young people interested in STEM subjects and many of the exhibits were interactive and family oriented. MeMBrane was represented on the Marvellous Microbes stand with the first outing of Microstrike, the bug based board game, and 'Ask a scientist', an opportunity for the public to ask any questions to research scientists. Answers to questions from the public are answered on The public had the opportunity to swab their own microbiome and see what grew here: We also raced bug powered boats, using butanol to exemplify a biofuel that can be made in bacteria and demonstrated how we can target specific molecules created by bacteria to prevent body odour.

The event was a great success and the Thomas lab researchers were kept busy for hours exhibiting the powers of Marvellous Microbes.

Event: Marvellous Microbes

17th November 2018, YorNight, Kings Manor, York
Come and meet York Researchers; find out about the Marvellous Microbes we work with and how we can use them to work for us!

Event: Microbial Factories

13 February 2019, 7.30pm, Garrick Studio Theatre, Lichfield
This lecture will explore how we can manipulate microbes to make high-value chemicals from simple molecules, paving the way to a greener economy!

News: FREE Microstrike board game!

Please contact us for your free copy of Microstrike, the board game where microbes do battle for territory. Learn their special strengths to attack and defend to rule the board!

Educational institutions are invited to request the game. Hard copies will be issued while stocks last, after which printable versions will be made available.